Friday, 11 April 2014

Silk Oil Of Morocco REVIEW*

I am a lover of massive hair. I can always be found with a back combing brush brushing away at my hair to make it look like I've amazing voluminous hair! It's just so much better than having flat hair isn't it??
Silk Oil of Morocco however have products that save me reaching for my back combing brush and instantly make my hair look extra nice and voluminous!
I cannot begin to describe to you how much I LOVE the product! It retails at £18.95 and is worth EVERY penny! The dust is a white powder that you dust onto the roots of your hair to create volume and body and height!! The Volumising Dust is also infused with cold pressed certified organic Argan Oil! My hair has really benefited from it as you can see below!
I have also been using the Liquid Volumizer which I spritz at the roots and this gives my hair an instant boost! If I'm being totally honest I've hardly touched my back comb brush since using these products!
The Liquid Volumizer spray retails at £24.95! It is also infused with Argan Oil! These products are suitable for all hair types from Dull, Flat, Limp, Fine and Lifeless hair.
Argan Oil I have found is amazing for making your hair look healthier!
I've been using the Argan Oil skin hair and skin treatment for a few weeks now and I've seen a real difference. I've always worried then when using oils that my hair or skin will look too oily or greasy but this does a great job in making sure my skin and hair look the best it can! It doesn't leave any residue which other oils can be known to and it hydrates my skin so well! I've also used this oil on my nails and cuticles and they have really made a welcomed difference!! This Argan Oil retails at £17.49 for 60ml.
You can visit the Silk Oil Of Morocco website to check out their products at Silk Oil Of Morocco
Have you tried any Silk Oil Of Morocco products before??