Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Christmas Wishlist

With Santa's impending arrival just around the corner I thought I would share with you all what's on my current wish list for Christmas!
I'm not really big on receiving presents for myself as I love gifting people at Christmas but this year there are a few things that I've decided I've wanted!
The first is a pair of new running trainers! Every year, I fall foul to the i'll go to the gym and lose weight curse that the majority of us seem to fall for but for next year I am motivated to start running again and these Nike running trainers are perfect for that and I absolutely LOVE the colours on this pair!
I'm not really a jumper kind of girl. You'll usually find me in dresses whatever the weather but I really like this Mickey Mouse jumper dress! It'll be perfect for me to snuggle up in on a cold night!
Bit behind the times here as I'm not really a fan of books! But everyone I know has raved to me about how good Alexa Chung's IT is! So I'm going to give it a whirl and see if it lives up to expectations!
I've always wanted a DAB Digital Radio and I've never really seen one that's caught my eye until I recently saw this Polaroid one in my local Asda! I have to have it. Can't wait to play my favourite radio stations through this!
I love a winter boot and I love this grey pair from La Moda. I think they will look great with some skinny jeans and a chunky knit.
I've liked Ella Henderson since she first came into the public domain on The X Factor. All her songs she's released so far have been brilliant so I can't wait to hear the rest of the album!
I'm in much need of a daytime perfume. At night I wear Calvin Klein - Reveal or Viktor and Rolph - Flowerbomb but I'd like a new scent for the day and have read some amazing blogger reviews on Daisy Dream! I hope Santa thinks I've been good enough to receive a bottle this Christmas!
Last but not least is a Yankee Candle in Lake Sunset. This is my favourite smell in the whole world and I have to have this candle back in my life as I've ran out of my previous one as it smells so good!!
What is on your Christmas list??

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Marnie Simpson Contact Lense Range for My Cosmetic Lenses !

From Left to Right
If you're a keen watcher and follower of reality TV, you may or may not be aware that Marnie Simpson of Geordie Shore fame currently has a range of coloured contact lenses for My Cosmetic Lenses ! Other celebrities that wear these contact lenses are celebrities  include  Holly Hagan from MTV's Geordie shore along with Carly Belmont, Natalee Harris and Lateysha Grace from MTV's The Valley's!
Marnie's collection has a wide range of colours available and are all well priced starting from £14.99 to £19.99. There is also FREE UK DELIVERY on ALL ORDERS!!
MyCosmeticLenses was founded in order to fill a gap in the market for contact lenses which look both natural in all eyes and are extremely comfortable to wear. Unlike other cosmetic lenses on the market they are extremely comfortable due to their high water content of 42% which hydrate eyes and stop irritation. These contact lenses are also extremely easy to insert. The lenses being comfortable and natural looking is a key point!
Coloured contact lenses are a fantastic way of improving your vision whilst also dressing your eyes up with a more preferred colour to that of your natural one, which can be great for special events such as Halloween when partaking in fancy dress!
After looking through the range I've found all the colours to be really striking and well worth a purchase! I shall have a review coming up shortly on the Misty Grey contact lenses! I cannot wait to share it with you all!
Have you tried any of Marnie Simpson's range?? What colour did you go for?!

Christmas Party Dresses

With the Christmas party season coming up I always fall into the thoughts of do I stick with a trusty LBD, or do I go on for a full blown colour explosion so i'd be hard to miss. If i'm honest, I usually go bold and daring. This year however, i'm torn with what to do. I have a lot of functions I need to attend over the Christmas period. Both day and night time parties. Including both a birthday and my works Christmas party so one dress just won't suffice.
The above are the ones that have caught my eye so far. I'm not really into the puffy dresses that you see people wearing over the Christmas party as I always think it looks a bit tacky. A LBD you cannot go wrong with at Christmas! It's a classic all year round!
The retailers I have used for this post all have wide ranges of dresses for the festive period and all are at reasonable prices!
You can check each website out here - Roamans | H&M | River Island | Quiz Clothing
Have you bought your Christmas party dress yet??

Friday, 17 October 2014

Calvin Klein - Reveal Review*

Like any girl, I like to smell nice and I normally have a couple of go to fragrances, a cheaper fragrance for the daytime and a more expensive one for the night time. There have been a few new fragrances come out recently and luckily for me, the kind people Beauty Base  kindly sent me the new Calvin Klein Reveal fragrance to try out. The fragrance ranges from 30ml, 50ml and 100ml. The 30ml retails at a bargain of £38.00!

With perfumes I always tend to go for a fragrance fruity or oriental scent as I feel these tend to suit me better than a floral scent. I can honestly say that Calvin Klein Reveal has over taken my usual fragrance, which is Viktor and Rolph - Flowerbomb, as my favourite scent! I have had so many compliments from both people I know and don't know saying how good I smell! Calvin Klein Reveal has a high sensorial raw salt signature within the fragrance which is the first of it's kind. The sandalwood scent which Calvin Klein fragrances are famous for is still within the fragrance.

I know that I will be definitely gifting various friends and family with this scent for Christmas! For other great fragrance deals check out Beauty Base

Have you tried Calvin Klein Reveal ?? If so, what did you think?


Friday, 11 July 2014

Summer Wishlist

As I've now had my holidays I'm now in the holiday blues mode. Nothing cheers a girl up like a bit of shopping so I have compiled my new summer wish list as there are still so many beautiful clothes around this season! Below are my must have items for what is left of summer!

At the moment i am absolutely loving Maxi dresses and the two that i have included here are my favourites! I am loving the double layered and Grecian looks that are around at the moment and i think these dresses capture both these trends perfectly.
I love the round shaped sunglasses which have been around at the moment. So many celebrities have embraced the trend and the pair above from La Moda are an absolute bargain!
I absolutely love the summer months and although a lot of my recent posts have been wish lists I can't help but want so many items this season!
The options above come from a number of different retailers. Topshop , River Island , One Stop PlusQuiz , New Look , La Moda , Pac Sun
What are your favourite summer trends?

Saturday, 28 June 2014

I'm Engaged!!!

Hi everyone!!

As you all know I haven't blogged for a while. There have been a couple of reasons. The most annoying reason being when I logged into my Blogger it kept coming up with an error message and not letting me log in! After numerous emails back and forth this has now been sorted!!

The other reason is that I have been in Orlando, Florida!! I'm so happy to announce that whilst I was out there visiting Disney my boyfriend Chris proposed!! I have never been so happy in my life!

I shall be back to regular blogging again now and sorry for the lack of posts!!

So excited to be back blogging! Keep your eyes peeled for up and coming posts!!

Friday, 11 April 2014

Silk Oil Of Morocco REVIEW*

I am a lover of massive hair. I can always be found with a back combing brush brushing away at my hair to make it look like I've amazing voluminous hair! It's just so much better than having flat hair isn't it??
Silk Oil of Morocco however have products that save me reaching for my back combing brush and instantly make my hair look extra nice and voluminous!
I cannot begin to describe to you how much I LOVE the product! It retails at £18.95 and is worth EVERY penny! The dust is a white powder that you dust onto the roots of your hair to create volume and body and height!! The Volumising Dust is also infused with cold pressed certified organic Argan Oil! My hair has really benefited from it as you can see below!
I have also been using the Liquid Volumizer which I spritz at the roots and this gives my hair an instant boost! If I'm being totally honest I've hardly touched my back comb brush since using these products!
The Liquid Volumizer spray retails at £24.95! It is also infused with Argan Oil! These products are suitable for all hair types from Dull, Flat, Limp, Fine and Lifeless hair.
Argan Oil I have found is amazing for making your hair look healthier!
I've been using the Argan Oil skin hair and skin treatment for a few weeks now and I've seen a real difference. I've always worried then when using oils that my hair or skin will look too oily or greasy but this does a great job in making sure my skin and hair look the best it can! It doesn't leave any residue which other oils can be known to and it hydrates my skin so well! I've also used this oil on my nails and cuticles and they have really made a welcomed difference!! This Argan Oil retails at £17.49 for 60ml.
You can visit the Silk Oil Of Morocco website to check out their products at Silk Oil Of Morocco
Have you tried any Silk Oil Of Morocco products before??

Monday, 31 March 2014

Just for 5 Pounds (Fashion on a budget)

I'm sure, like me, a lot of you sometimes wish you could buy that certain dress or outfit but money wise we either can't afford until payday or just can't justify the expense! Fear not I have a answer!

If you know me personally, you'll know I am a MASSIVE bargain hunter! I feel a huge sense of achievement walking away from a till knowing I've got an item at a snippet of the RRP!

This brings me onto Just for 5 Pounds! Every item on their website costs £5. There is a lot of range to choose from! I've compiled my top 5 wish list from their website which I think will be perfect for summer!

All the above pieces are perfect for summer and a great bargain at just £5 each! I'm so glad that Daisy prints seem to be on trend again this summer! I cannot wait to be wearing daisy print again!
Take a look at the Just for 5 Pounds Website here Just For 5 Pounds and let me know your favourite items!
Have you shopped at Just For 5 Pounds before?

Saturday, 22 March 2014

Holiday Wishlist

Bustier Bikini Top | Bikini Bottoms | Pale Blue Cullotes | Daisy Print Playsuit | Mint Green Blazer (Sold Out) | Spotty Hot Pants (Sold Out) | Floral Wolves TShirt | Daisy Crop Top (Sold Out) | Lilac Jelly Sandal | Gold Aviator Sunglasses | Nike Blazer

* Will post link to all Sold Out items when back in stock!

There are SO many nice clothes around at the moment and with me going to Florida in a few weeks time I thought I would post my holiday wish list!

I'm absolutely LOVING the pastel trend at the moment and can't wait to wear some pastel colours whilst I'm away! Another trend I am into at the minute is the daisy prints which I think are ideal for summer!

What are your favourite trends at the moment?

Saturday, 8 March 2014

Amazing Range By Maria Fowler Tan GIVEAWAY!!

Every girl feels so much better with a tan don't they?! This is why I am happy to announce that I've teamed up with Maria Fowler and Angela Beattie from Amazing Range Tan to give you a chance to win some of their Amazing Tan.

The tan develops over a 5-8 hour period and is a super easy to use mousse which you apply with a mitt. The tanning lotion is formulated with Aloe Vera which will leave your skin feeling soft a moisturised!!

Please check out the giveaway below to enter!!

If you would like to know more about Amazing Range Tan you can follow them on Twitter at @AmazingRange

You can also visit their Facebook page at Amazing Range

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Friday, 7 March 2014

Nourish Argan Skin Rescue.

I've always felt that my skin routine was an important part of my daily routine and as of late my skin had been feeling dry and looking a bit tired. I was lucky enough to be sent some Nourish Argan Skin Rescue to review for you all.

For a few years now I've been prone to some dry skin, especially around my t zone, so I was happy that this product was for all skin types. 

I've been using Nourish Argan Skin Rescue for the past fortnight and I have seen a vast improvement in my skin. I have been applying the product onto damp skin for a deeper moisturisation as my skin has needed it. 

I feel like my skin now looks so much more supple and has a plumper look to it than it did before and my skin looks a lot smoother. 

I have been using this product daily. The Noruish Argan Skin Rescue applies to skin really nicely and my skin just looks so much healthier than usual. 

The Nourish Argan Skin Rescue enhances collagen and natural skin  lipids which also helps protect from signs of ageing. 

You don't need much oil, just a small amount like above, and just massage it into the skin in a circular motion for the best results! 

From below you can see my skin looks a lot more supple. 

You can purchase the Nourish Argan Rescue oil from the website where it retails at £21 for 15ml. 

You can visit the Nourish Skin Range website here www.nourishskinrange.com 

Have you tried any of the Nourish Skin Range?? 


Thursday, 6 March 2014

Neal & Wolf Shampoo and Conditioner

I've always been really into my hair care and I think it's important that you treat your hair really well. I was lucky enough to be sent the Ritual Daily Cleansing Shampoo and the Ritual Daily Conditioner by Neal & Wolf.

Upon it's arrival the first thing I did was smell both the products! Sounds silly I know, but I always smell my hair care products so I know what my hair is going to smell like at the end of using the products. I have to say these products smelt absolutely amazing. So instantly I was a fan! Every girl knows that it's essential to have nice smelling hair! Am I right??!

I started using the products right away. My hair hasn't been in the best condition since I had my baby girl. It's grown so long so quick I've found it hard to find a product that will make my hair back to its former glory.

I've been using both the Ritual Daily Cleansing Shampoo and the Ritual Daily Conditioner for just over ten days now and I am absolutely thrilled with the results. I feel like my hair is back to it's usual self. It feels silky smooth and once I've blow dried my hair after washing it, my hair styles so much better than it has been doing!

The shampoo lathers up really nicely and the conditioner feels nice and smooth on my hair and doesn't leave that greasy texture that some conditioners do. You can see from the picture below how full of body my hair looks.

For me what's even better is that I've had numerous compliments about how shiny my hair is! If asked what my secret is the answer is Neal & Wolf!!

The Daily Ritual Cleansing Shampoo 250ml retails at £11.50 and the Ritual Daily Conditioner 200ml at £12.50

You can visit the Neal and Wolf website here www.nealandwolf.com

Saturday, 1 March 2014

Disney Princess Lipsmackers

The Princesses and Flavours above, in order, are:
Princess Jasmine - Berry Magic | Snow White - Cherry Kiss | Cinderella - Vanilla Sparkle | Tiana - Fresh Kiwi Pie | Ariel - Calypso Berry | Belle - Tea Party Treats | Rapunzel - Magical Glow Berry | Aurora - Spin Sugar Shine |
If I'm being completely honest I'm not normally a buyer or fan of lip salves. For a while now I've been hearing about how good Lipsmackers are. You may have seen them around. They mainly focus on flavours like Coca Cola, Fanta, Sprite and DR Pepper. I heard that their was a Disney Princess range and i was intrigued to try one.
I don't ever really get dry lips or find any need for a lip salve so I didn't want to buy all 8 in a packet. You can find all 8 on Claires Accessories website ( i shall post the link below). I went on Ebay to have a look if I could buy just one which luckily I could. I read a great review on another bloggers page and she had reviewed all 8 Lipsmackers so i went for the flavour which sounded most like the one i would like best.
This ended up being the Princess Jasmine Lipsmacker. The flavour of the Lipsmacker is called Berry Magic and it did have a strong berry/citrus taste. It smells and tastes absolutely wonderful on your lips. It made my lips feel so soft as well which I was pleasantly surprised at, although I did find it felt quite greasy at times.
There is a slight bit of shimmer in this Lipsmacker and there is no SPF so I wouldn't recommend to wear it on a hot day! It's good value for money at £8.00 for the whole pack as alone they retail at £3.00.
You can buy all 8 Lipsmackers here: Disney Princess Lipsmackers
Or if you just want to buy one you can buy from Ebay here: Single Disney Princess Lipsmackers
Have you got any Lipsmackers? What are your thoughts?

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Silk Of Morocco GIVEAWAY!!!

Hello everyone!!! I've decided to run a giveaway for all my lovely followers to say thank you for all the support I've received and the amount of followers I have! I hope everyone is enjoying reading my blog as much as I am writing

To say thank you I've been lucky enough to team up with Silk Oil Of Morocco UK to give away these lovely prizes!

With a retail value of over £80 the prize bundle includes:

Intense Hydrating Hair Masque 250ml 
Argan Protein REP-Hair Creme (seals split ends)
Intense Moisture Shampoo & Conditioner 100ml
with a Silk Red Luxury Travel/Cosmetic Bag
Oil of Morocco is made from the nuts of the Moroccan Argan Tree, which is closely related to the Olive Tree. This tree grows native to the South of Morocco and therefore Argan Oil is one of the rarest oils in the world due to the small and very specific growing area.
For centuries the Moroccan people have known the special, nutritive, cosmetic and medical qualities of Argan Oil and today the whole world is appreciating this oil.
The kernals of the Argan Nut are gently roasted before being crushed and cold pressed to extract the oil.

To visit the Silk Of Morocco website click here Silk Oil Of Morocco

For a chance to win these lovely items just enter below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The giveaway ends on 04/04/14 and I shall announce the winner on my Twitter and contact the winner by email!

Thank you and GOOD LUCK!!!

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Little Mix by Collection - Lipstick Review

Since being a fan of Little Mix since they were first put together on the UK's X Factor I was thrilled to find out they had teamed up with Collection to create their own make up range. 

Usually I'm a tad sceptical when a band release a make up range as I normally imagine it to aimed at and created for kids. How wrong was I?! 

After taking a look on the Collection website I found myself wanting various items from the collection and fell in love with the lipsticks. 

The range is stocked online on Collections website and in stores such as Boots and Superdrug. However, I found that not all the range was stocked in Boots or Superdrug. The blushers and bronzer a were no where to be seen but I did pick up the lipsticks! 
Each girl has both a daytime and a night time range both consisting of 4 items each. Each range reflects the girls different personal styles.

Each girl has gone or a different shade. I have done swatches below on both my arm and lips so you can see the colours properly. 

The colours from left to right Perrie, Jade, Jesy and Leigh-Anne. 

I think for vibrancy alone, Jesy's is the brightest of all the lipsticks but I am absolutely in LOVE with Jade's lipstick. It works perfectly as a day or night lipstick. 

Top left - Perrie
Top right - Jade
Bottom left - Jesy
Bottom right - Leigh-Anne
Each lipstick has the girls name on the bottom which is also the shade of the lipstick.

The only negative I found with any of the lipsticks was that Leigh-Anne's one didn't slide onto my lips as smoothly as the others and didn't have as soft a texture.

All 4 lipsticks retail at £2.99 each and I think they're well worth the money! 

Have you bought any of the Little Mix collection?? What did you think?! 

You can purchase the Little Mix collection  here. Little Mix by Collection

Thursday, 20 February 2014

HUB Footwear

HUB Footwear is a new brand coming to the UK. Although established throughout North western Europe Hub Footwear is heading to the UK. Over recent years HUB Footwear has maintained healthy growth and managed to keep it's distinctive look and original attitude. As it's in the DNA of the founders, HUB Footwear will always be a brand for the 'independent', 'open-minded' and 'young hearted' individual.
 I'm not going to lie, I love my footwear. When I saw the website I loved the different styles of footwear the HUB Footwear has to offer. Below are my favourites from the Women's range. There is lots of versatility from the range!
 Top left is the Hally Leather Boot from the Fashion Line. This boot comes in 3 amazing colours and is perfect to match with any outfit.
Top right is the Jersey W in Dotted Suede from the Black Line. This is available in 3 colours.
Bottom is the Harlem HH available from the Black Line. Also available in 3 colours.
2 of Hub Footwear's founders, Huub van Boeckel and Tim Rompa, used to be professional tennis players and this has been a massive influence in the design of the footwear. The tennis soles are combined with a casual and clean upper look, resulting in a combination of sport, street and fashion elements, a 'sophisticated sneaker'.
Below is the brand's newest documentary about the city at it's most beautiful part of the day. MAGIC HOUR. It is set in the most magical time of day through the eyes of established photographer Jasper James.  
It's most definitely worth a watch!
You can browse the HUB FOOTWEAR website here www.hubfootwear.com
Let me know what you think of the range!!

Monday, 27 January 2014

Maxicharger for Iphone.


For anyone who has a IPhone you will know how frustrating the battery life is. You've been on 3 social media apps and then at the blink of an eye you're down to 20% battery life. Half the time it's practically like having a landline as it's always plugged into the charger. I've had problems, in particular, when on public transport, at festivals in even in hotels as there hasn't been a power point available and my battery is on a depressing 5% and dying quickly.

Well fear not the Maxicharger is here!! No more running on empty! No more wires!

The Maxicharger fits onto your IPhone like a phone case and will charge your IPhone whilst on the move. NO more thinking your IPhone is a landline!! The Maxicharger fits the IPhone 4 and 4s and IPhone 5, 5s and the 5c. The Maxicharger is available in a wide range of colours and designs to suit you and is retailed from £24.99

There are a variety of styles available ranging from a Flip style, Bumper style, Classic style, Charger style and Sleeve style so there is a great range to choose from as well as a numerous range of colours.

The models pictured above show the Maxicharger for both the 5s (left) and 5c (right)

This is a can't live without product and well worth the money!!

You can visit the Maxicharger website at www.maxicharger.co.uk

Saturday, 18 January 2014

Moments that mattered to me in 2013.

As a regular reader of blogs and loving to enter competitions I stumbled across a great competition on one of my favourite blogs  http://www.awaywiththefairiesblog.com/ in conjunction with Lloyds Bank  to win a Mini IPad worth £249!!! As an Apple gadget lover it's definitely something that I would like to give a shot!

For the competition I have to tell you about the moments that mattered to me in 2013.......

Quite frankly 2013 was the best year of my life. Admittedly I did have a bit of a low which I will get too but i'll start with the most memorable moment of, not just 2013, but my life! On 16/02/13 I gave birth to my beautiful baby girl Lucie. It was a painful 48 hour labour but worth every minute. They say you will never find a love like it and they're right. It's an incredible feeling and I felt proud of my little family as a whole. Myself and my partner Chris decided that we didn't want to put any pictures of our daughter on Facebook as we both think this is a decision she should be making when she's older. But I can tell you that she is the most beautiful little girl and I know i'll remain proud for the rest of my life.

^ Myself and my boyfriend Chris.

Our first family holiday also happened this year in June when we went to Devon, We decided a trip abroad with a 4 month old maybe too much so we decided on the UK. We had an amazing time. Lucie rolled over for the first time whilst we was away which to be honest made the trip. My favourite thing we bought on holiday was a glass cast of Lucie's hands and feet which we got made at a local glassworks!

I attended the Clothes Show Live in December. I've been attended the Clothes Show Live for a number of years and 2013's was the best one I'd been to in a while. The trends were Tartan and Sparkles and all the outfits at Acatel One Touch Fashion Arena were incredible. You can read about my trip to the Clothes Show Live here..... Clothes Show Live 2013

The last memorable and rather scary memory of 2013 involved a certain trip to the doctors for a smear test. Mine results came back with abnormalities. Resulting in hospital visits and an operation to remover pre cancerous cells. Sounds pretty deep I know, but it was memorable to me as it gave me a swift reality check that you should always be on top of things regarding your health. Many girls I know put off smear tests through the fear. Two minutes of being uncomfortable is more than worth it trust me! Luckily mine hadn't progressed into Cancer and was just pre cancerous cells but I wrote about my ordeal on Facebook to make other girls aware and it prompted more than one person to book their smear test which they admitted they'd been putting off so I was extremely pleased that by me speaking out that these girls actually went for their smear tests.

I'm also very proud of my blog which I started in 2013. As a new mum, working and seeing my boyfriend the fact I can even find time to write my blog is great and has been a great way of me spending my free time doing something I enjoy. I love the fact that people have taken the time to read my blog and commented and liked it.

You can visit the Lloyds Bank website here..... www.lloydsbank.com

What we're your most memorable moments??