Saturday, 1 March 2014

Disney Princess Lipsmackers

The Princesses and Flavours above, in order, are:
Princess Jasmine - Berry Magic | Snow White - Cherry Kiss | Cinderella - Vanilla Sparkle | Tiana - Fresh Kiwi Pie | Ariel - Calypso Berry | Belle - Tea Party Treats | Rapunzel - Magical Glow Berry | Aurora - Spin Sugar Shine |
If I'm being completely honest I'm not normally a buyer or fan of lip salves. For a while now I've been hearing about how good Lipsmackers are. You may have seen them around. They mainly focus on flavours like Coca Cola, Fanta, Sprite and DR Pepper. I heard that their was a Disney Princess range and i was intrigued to try one.
I don't ever really get dry lips or find any need for a lip salve so I didn't want to buy all 8 in a packet. You can find all 8 on Claires Accessories website ( i shall post the link below). I went on Ebay to have a look if I could buy just one which luckily I could. I read a great review on another bloggers page and she had reviewed all 8 Lipsmackers so i went for the flavour which sounded most like the one i would like best.
This ended up being the Princess Jasmine Lipsmacker. The flavour of the Lipsmacker is called Berry Magic and it did have a strong berry/citrus taste. It smells and tastes absolutely wonderful on your lips. It made my lips feel so soft as well which I was pleasantly surprised at, although I did find it felt quite greasy at times.
There is a slight bit of shimmer in this Lipsmacker and there is no SPF so I wouldn't recommend to wear it on a hot day! It's good value for money at £8.00 for the whole pack as alone they retail at £3.00.
You can buy all 8 Lipsmackers here: Disney Princess Lipsmackers
Or if you just want to buy one you can buy from Ebay here: Single Disney Princess Lipsmackers
Have you got any Lipsmackers? What are your thoughts?

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  1. this totally brings me back to my teenaged days! I love lip smackers, and I had a slew of disney characters and my favorite was hello kitty! haha!
    Carla @ Love Cartista