Thursday, 12 February 2015

Nutribullet* Review

Hello everyone!
I've wanted to do a post about the Nutribullet for a while now. For me, it's one of those can't live without products in my life. After Christmas we all know everyone normally goes through a slump of feeling like they need a fresh start health wise and I was no different this year. I hate the term 'new year, new you' but felt that I fell into this category this year. This was on my Christmas list as a number one priority! Retailing at £99.00 you get a 12 piece kit which includes different blades, cups and even a pocket nutritionist! I feel this is a real bargain and great investment for your health!
If you know me personally, you'll know that I'm a fussy eater, especially when it comes to fruit and the occasional veg. So what better way for me to get my 5 a day than with the Nutribullet. The Nutribullet is different to other blenders out on the market in the sense that it extracts all the extra nutrients that other blenders on the market don't, which, in turn, gives you a better end result. It breaks down and pulverises all stems, seeds and skins which usually get neglected!
There are so many amazing recipes that you can try out for the Nutribullet which means you'll never get bored of experimenting with new ideas. One of my favourite recipes at the moment is the Pineapple Mojito Blast. (Non alcoholic of course!) You can find the recipe for that HERE
When I first heard about the Nutribullet I was channel hopping with my sky remote at home and came across a promotional video for it and I was instantly sold on the product! The video was along the lines of this one, but if I remember correctly the video I saw was shorter.
Since I've been using the Nutribullet I've seen such a difference in myself. Especially in my skin and my overall energy levels. I feel like I have really reaped the benefits of owning a Nutribullet.
You can purchase a Nutribullet and view the website HERE.
Have you got a Nutribullet?? What are some of your favourite recipes?