Wednesday, 14 January 2015

January Wishlist

Around this time of year I normally feel a little bit shopped out from the Christmas and January sales, not to mention Black Friday! So I only thought it be fair that I teased myself with a few items which have taken my fancy for a wish list post! Here are a few items that have really taken my fancy recently which I shall be purchasing come long awaited payday!
I've always really wanted a pair Dr Marten's and, in particular, a white pair! These would be ideal for wearing during the winter (just don't get them dirty). Dr Martens are such a renowned and popular brand and their is so much variety in regards to the styles which they have on sale! You can find other styles and colours of the boot I have in my wishlist here.
I'm a huge fan of colour in my wardrobe and I find that yellows/mustards are a colour that I always try and avoid, however this dress from Charlotte Crosby's range for Nostalgia is something that has caught my eye and must invest in! Do you own any yellow or mustard pieces in your wardrobe?
Again, from Charlotte Crosby's range for Nostalgia is this cute little I'm A Cloud jumper! I don't normally wear jumpers/sweaters but this one was too cute for me not to include!
This Fujifilm Instax camera is something that I've had my eye on for a long time but stupidly didn't ask for at Christmas! I love the baby pink colour too! Having seen some of the instant pictures it takes it's definitely something that I'd like so I can take pictures of my loved ones and pin in my room!
I love anything coral or pink and have wanted a style of jacket like this one for a long time now so this one from River Island has hit the mark for me. I love the sleeves on it too as I can wear it in spring and summer time too!
These Rose gold GHD's are so pretty! I've had my current GHD's for nearly 7 years now with no problems but I think I'm due an upgraded pair and these are exactly what I'm looking for!
I've heard great things about this Lord and Berry eyeliner so it had to be included in this post. I shall be doing a review blog post in the near future about this product so keep an eye out for it!
What is on your January wishlist?