Friday, 31 July 2015

July Favourites

2. Benefit CORALista £23.50
7. Glee Season Six
9. Apple Music
Wow, July went really fast. Hope you've all had a great month! The above is my current favourites for July! It's been a really good month for me. I especially love the maxi dress I purchased from Boohoo and have had a lot of wear out of it! Just hoping the summer weather keeps up for a little while longer!

As everyone knows I'm a huge Disney fan and after completing all 52 Disney classics DVDs with limited edition covers, I'm thrilled that they've brought out covers for the Disney Pixar range too!

What have been your favourites this month!?

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

20 TV Shows that you should start watching.

Hi everyone. Thought i'd do a post about my favourite tv shows from over the years that everyone should download or start watching, Especially as before we know it we will be in Autumn! If there are any shows you think I should get into please let me know!
1. Glee
2. Sex And The City
3. Saved By The Bell
4. Orange Is The New Black
5. Pretty Little Liars
6. Nashville
7. Empire
8. Keeping Up With The Kardashians
9. The Vicar Of Dibley
10. Hells Kitchen USA
11. Once Upon A Time
12. Smash
13. Catfish
14. X Factor
15. The Office
16. Family Guy

17. Impractical Jokers
18. Americas Next Top Model
19. Ru Pauls Drag Race
20. Real Housewives Of Atlanta
So there you go...... my favourite shows! Please let me know if there is anything I'm missing out on!

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Dream Spa Bathroom

Hi everyone!
As we all know I'm majorly into my beauty and pampering myself almost on a daily basis. I thought I'd do a bit of a different post together after being inspired by UK Bathrooms and looking on Pintrest and a couple of other websites about my dream spa bathroom, should money be of no object.
One thing I've always wanted for my dream bathroom is a room with a view and a huge big bath tub to enjoy it in. I think it would totally relax me and a nice big bath tub is always amazing isn't it?
I'm a huge fan of giant mirrors in a bathroom, Especially when places over a lovely vanity / sink area. It really makes the room feel like a bigger space.
No dream bathroom would be complete without a walk in power shower unit. For me, I'm much more of a shower person than a bath person. I find I relax way more in a shower that I do in a bath. That may sound ridiculous to some but each to their own. The picture above of the shower unit is the perfect set up for me. I love how the tiling on the wall has the areas to store any bathroom products!
As a girl, I love my own sink so a double vessel sink would be ideal for me and my fiancé Chris for our morning routines. I think this can really make a bathroom look a smarter and stylish!
What would be in your dream spa bathroom?? Have a look on UK Bathrooms website for some inspiration!

Monday, 20 July 2015

Disney Wish List

Hi Everyone!
As you maybe aware as well as my love of fashion and beauty i am also a HUGE Disney lover! I've been wanting to do Disney related post for a while now and have compiled my wish list of Disney products that i am loving at the moment!
I've included in the above my favourite soft toys, clothing items and other items that I will be purchasing over the next few weeks.
I got engaged in on Disney property in Orlando in 2014 to my wonderful Fiancé Chris and shall be marrying him there in June 2017.
What Disney products are you liking at the moment??

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

June Favourites

5. Love Island
10. Beige Nike Blazers £69.99

Hi Everyone!!
As you've probably noticed i took a month out from my blog but now i am back up and running again! It's been a great month June, I had my birthday, the sun was shining and I've had a great time! Finally looks to be the start of summer!
The above are the things that I've been using, listening, wearing and watching this month! My particular favourite this month has been Love Island on ITV2. Literally obsessed with this programme! Love all the shock twists they keep throwing in! I LOVE Lauren! Hope she finds the man she wants!
I've also been loving the Afterglow Light Bronzer by Barry M. This has made my skin look so bronzed and radiant! I love how big the product is too! You can really get the right amount of product on your bronzing brush!
What have been you're favourite things in June?!

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Blog Chats

I don't know about anyone else but i find it so hard to keep up with all the various blogger hash tags on Twitter. I've compiled a small list of the ones i know about so everyone can keep up with the latest blogger discussions!
Bloggers Do It Better #bdib
Fashion Bloggers #Fbloggers

Ask a blogger chat #askablogger
Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle Chat #Fblchat
Blog hour #bloghour

Lifestyle bloggers #lbloggers
Career Blog Chat #careerblogchat
Beauty Bloggers #bbloggers

Crazy Bloggers #crazybloggers
Fitness Chat #Fitchat
Fashion Bloggers #fbloggers
Food Bloggers #fdbloggers

Gorgeous Bloggers #gbloggers
Bloggers Do It Better #bdib

Social Bloggers #SocialBloggers

Pick a blogger chat #PABchat
Lifestyle Bloggers #lbloggers
Beauty Bloggers #bbloggers
Parent Bloggers #Pbloggers
Hope this helps everyone to keep up with all the chats! See you there!