Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Dream Spa Bathroom

Hi everyone!
As we all know I'm majorly into my beauty and pampering myself almost on a daily basis. I thought I'd do a bit of a different post together after being inspired by UK Bathrooms and looking on Pintrest and a couple of other websites about my dream spa bathroom, should money be of no object.
One thing I've always wanted for my dream bathroom is a room with a view and a huge big bath tub to enjoy it in. I think it would totally relax me and a nice big bath tub is always amazing isn't it?
I'm a huge fan of giant mirrors in a bathroom, Especially when places over a lovely vanity / sink area. It really makes the room feel like a bigger space.
No dream bathroom would be complete without a walk in power shower unit. For me, I'm much more of a shower person than a bath person. I find I relax way more in a shower that I do in a bath. That may sound ridiculous to some but each to their own. The picture above of the shower unit is the perfect set up for me. I love how the tiling on the wall has the areas to store any bathroom products!
As a girl, I love my own sink so a double vessel sink would be ideal for me and my fiancé Chris for our morning routines. I think this can really make a bathroom look a smarter and stylish!
What would be in your dream spa bathroom?? Have a look on UK Bathrooms website for some inspiration!

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