Monday, 27 January 2014

Maxicharger for Iphone.


For anyone who has a IPhone you will know how frustrating the battery life is. You've been on 3 social media apps and then at the blink of an eye you're down to 20% battery life. Half the time it's practically like having a landline as it's always plugged into the charger. I've had problems, in particular, when on public transport, at festivals in even in hotels as there hasn't been a power point available and my battery is on a depressing 5% and dying quickly.

Well fear not the Maxicharger is here!! No more running on empty! No more wires!

The Maxicharger fits onto your IPhone like a phone case and will charge your IPhone whilst on the move. NO more thinking your IPhone is a landline!! The Maxicharger fits the IPhone 4 and 4s and IPhone 5, 5s and the 5c. The Maxicharger is available in a wide range of colours and designs to suit you and is retailed from £24.99

There are a variety of styles available ranging from a Flip style, Bumper style, Classic style, Charger style and Sleeve style so there is a great range to choose from as well as a numerous range of colours.

The models pictured above show the Maxicharger for both the 5s (left) and 5c (right)

This is a can't live without product and well worth the money!!

You can visit the Maxicharger website at


  1. This would be AMAZING for London Fashion Week to save carrying a charger around and searching desperately for a plug to use!

    I found your blog via BlogLovin and would love if you could stop by & catch up on my latest posts for some inspiration too :) xx