Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Helpful everyday beauty and fashion tips!

For some unknown reason I seem to hold random information in my brain and store it and then share my random information with friends when a crisis happens. By crisis I mean, a friend has ran out of dry shampoo and I have a solution or someone has a sticker mark on the bottom of their new heels. I always seem to know some little tip or trick to share with people. So I thought I would share some of my knowledge on my blog.

Just to clarify this blog will come without pictures as I've just had the inspiration to write this but I can add pictures at a later date. Trust me though these tips are fool proof and work an absolute dream!!

1. The Dreaded sticker on the bottom of a new pair of heels.

Let's face it, we've all had this dilemma. You get home and try and peel the sticker off, only half of it comes off and you're left with that awful part glue, part sticker mark at the bottom of your new heels. But do not worry!! All you need is to get a make up wipe and wipe it off.

Get the shoe and rub vigorously for around 30 seconds and you will notice that the sticker will start to peel itself and the glue from the shoe. If it doesn't all come off just get another wipe and repeat! You will have no sticker or glue mark on the bottom of your shoes!!

2. Need to paint nails in a rush and for them to dry quickly.

It gets to around the time your supposed to be going out and you've forgotten to paint your nails? All you need is a bowl of COLD water. Paint nails and put nails in bowl of cold water and keep them in the water for 40 seconds. This will set your nail polish and you will be free to enjoy your night out!

3. Ran out of Dry Shampoo.

If you have ran out of dry shampoo all you will need is some talcum powder. Apply a bit into your hands and massage into the root. This will act in the same way as a dry shampoo and absorb any excess oil/grease in the hair.

4. Feet burn on a night out.

This can ruin a night out. For me it has ruined many nights and I cannot be thankful enough of this tip. Feet burn happens when your feet rubs on the base of your shoes and your feet get sweaty. All you need to do to prevent the heat rub is before you go out spray your base of the shoe with deodorant and also the bottom of your foot. This will create a barrier so your foot will not sweat and rub as much on the base of the shoe!

5. Chub rub at the top of the legs otherwise known as chafing.

You will only know about this if you're a size 14 or above. It happens, it's stings and it's uncomfortable but fear not ladies! You need THIS in your life.

No joke this product changed my life. My legs don't suffer anymore!! It's a very silky gel you rub onto the area that chafes and it will stop it for you!! I use this on holiday religiously and have done for a few years now! You can buy this from your local Superdrug here Lanacane Chafing Gel for £6.65.

6. Breaking a pair of shoes in.

You get a pair of shoes you like, they hurt like hell and you feel like crying? All you need to do is get your hairdryer out. Blast the hairdryer into the shoe at a medium / hot setting and blast away at the shoe for 3 minutes. Once the 3 minutes is up put the shoe on and wear for 20 minutes. You will need to repeat this process a couple of times over. The heat will expand your shoe and when you wear it, it will mould the shoe to your foot to keep it's shape. This will mean your shoes will not hurt anymore when you wear them.

7. Having no make up wipes left.

If you have no make up wipes left all you will need it some toilet paper and some Olive Oil. Use a small amount of Olive Oil on the toilet paper and wipe face and it will take your make up off for you.

8. Ran out of nail polish remover?

You want to change or take off your nail polish but you've ran out of remover?? All you need is a can of deodorant. You will need to spray the deodorant directly onto your nail from about 10cm away. Any closer and the deodorant could cause a freeze burn due to the solvents used within the spray. Once sprayed, rub your nails with a wipe / tissue and you will see the nail polish coming off. You will need to repeat this until it's all come off as it won't work all in one go.

9. Too many clothes, not enough wardrobe space.

I've had this happen to me too many times but a friend of mine told me a solution which fixed it for me. Take a can of coke and remove the ring pull. The ring pull has 2 holes in. The bigger hole put round the hook on a hanger in the wardrobe and attach the other hanger through the spare hole on the ring pull. This will create double the storage space in your wardrobe.

10. Fake Tan stains on your hands.

If you have streaky fake tan marks on your hands which won't come off buy any whitening toothpaste and rub it over the area and then rinse. This will remove the fake tan quickly.

Hope I could help some of you with these tips. If you've anymore feel free to add them below!!


  1. Wow a lot of these are very common for me also especially less wardrobe space and applying polish quick and ruining it by not drying it properly :) x

  2. Will definitely be trying tips 2, 4, 6 and 8 :)
    Also tip 9 is a very clever idea xx

  3. Aah these are so useful! Definitely need to give tip 6 a try 'cause breaking shoes in absolutely kills me feet!xx

  4. Couldn't agree more with you on number 5, was a life saver in disneyworld so much walking,! x