Wednesday, 4 December 2013

GHD Final Fix Hairspray & GHD Heat Protection Spray

I've been a huge fan of GHD and their products for a number of years now and recently have started using their Final Fix hairspray and their Heat Protection spray, and I have to say, I've been very impressed with them both.
The Final fix hairspray I've been using comes in a 400ml bottle and is fast becoming my favourite hairspray. I like big volume hair, especially on a night out, and I find that this hairspray holds my hair in position perfectly. On the bottle it's described as having a firm but soft touch hold to keep your finished style in place, suitable for all hair types and humidity resistant. You might say it does exactly what it says on the tin! As I have naturally wavy hair in the heat a tiny bit of humidity and I look like Monica from Friends in the Bahamas episode! So I'm thankful for the humidity resistance this brings!
To use it directs to gently mist 30cm away from your hair for a lasting hold.
In regards to straightening hair it's so important for your hair to use a heat protection spray. As I've been using GHD hair straighteners for a number of years now I use the heat protection spray as I see it as compatible with my choice of straightener! It definitely leaves my hair looking and feeling a lot smoother. The Heat Protection Spray itself comes in a 120ml bottle and it's advised on the GHD website to apply the heat protection spray first before layering your hair with other products. This advice, however, is not written on the bottle. It's also advised to spritz from root to tip (at around 6-8 sprays for mid - long hair) and comb through to ensure that the product is distributed evenly throughout the hair before using a styler or hair dryer.
I'd definitely recommend these GHD products and will also be doing another GHD related blog post soon on the amazing GHD Eclipse styler!!
The GHD Final Fix Hairspray retails at £9.95 and can be found on the GHD website here
The GHD Heat Protection Spray retails at £9.95 and can be found on the GHD website here

If you use, or have tried any of GHD'S products let me know what you think !


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  2. I love GHD hair straighteners and have for a long time now but I have never tried any of their hair products so this sounds like it might be worth buying :)
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