Thursday, 15 August 2013

My Beauty Essentials

I thought I'd show you all some of my beauty essentials which I use in my daily routine. These literally are my can't live without products that I stock up on without fail. I would be lost without these products.

The first product is Batiste Dry Shampoo in Floral & Flirty Blush. As every girl with long hair knows, sometimes it's just a pure effort to wash, blow dry and straighten hair, especially on a hot day. Personally, I think dry shampoo is a god send for those lazy days where you just can't be bothered. I've recently dyed my hair from being red to brown. The only thing I would say about this dry shampoo is that if you press the nozzle down to hard it comes out a bit too powdery and leaves me looking a bit grey so I have to massage my hair and scalp and brush it out. That aside it's a great product with a nice fruity smell that makes you look fierce even if you're not feeling it!

Second up is my favourite lipstick of all time. I will not use any other more than this! Its a MAC lipstick in MYTH. It's great for a nice simple daytime lipstick or as a nice natural shade for a night out with the girls. Frankly, I'm obsessed! You must try this lipstick!!

Now, as a girl with insanely dry skin I thought I'm never going to find a foundation that helps my skin instead of hinders it. Until I found this beauty bargain. I'd tried literally every foundation going. I've always been very pale too so I'm normally a Ivory or Porcelain girl in the foundation department and sometimes, if there isn't a tester, it can be hard to match my skin correctly. To be honest, I was a tad desperate and in a rush for a foundation one day and I picked this little legend up from Boots for £1.99. Yes that's £1.99. I've never looked back! It lasts all day and works with my skin so well that I don't end up looking like I have dry peel able skin all over my face! The shade I use in the Natural Collection Foundation is Porcelain.

In the perfume department I'd always been a huge fan of Paris Hilton by Paris Hilton. It was my signature fragrance at one point. I'd walk into work and my colleagues would instantly know I was in the building. However, whilst duty free shopping at Dublin airport I smelt Viktor Rolph - Flower Bomb and instantly fell in love. This perfume is a little pricey so it's best to ask for it as a birthday or Christmas gift if you don't want to splash out. I told my boyfriend Chris about it on a whim and he remembered and brought it for me last Christmas. It's a very floral and fruity smell and I forever get compliments when I wear it.

Like I've said previously, I suffer from the horror of dry skin and I'm not on about flaky skin here and there, I'm on about a full on snow storm if I don't look after it! The next two products tie in together for me. Whilst in Boots one day complaining to my Mum about how dry my skin is and looking for a facial scrub a woman came up to us and explained that she was a dermatologist. She recommended the next two products for me and they have, without exaggerating, changed my life. The first is Boots own brand Cucumber facial wash which is like a scrub on the skin and the second is Simple Nourishing Rich Moisturiser. Take note of the highlighted Rich Moisturiser and this is different from the normal moisturiser which Simple do. Introducing these items into my daily routine has given me the softest and smoothest skin and I couldn't be happier. So if anyone is in the same boat as me with dry skin, give these a try!

With nail polishes I, like most people, like the brands that don't tend to chip so easily after application. Accessorize do a great make up range and the nail polishes are amazing shades that you wouldn't tend to find in the bigger named brands. I love this shade called AZTEC. It's like a hologram and glitter polish that looks amazing and lasts for days!

Last but not least is my favourite blusher. It's by MAC and the shade is SPRINGSHEEN. I have used this blusher for years now and it's always devastating when I hit pan on this little beauty! For me, MAC products are amazing quality and the best brand around so it's well worth spending a little more to get the quality. Plus, they last for absolutely ages!

Hope you've all enjoyed my beauty essentials. What are some of your favourite products?

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