Sunday, 3 March 2019

Dear Fat Shamer, Keyboard Warrior, Internet Troll and Bully............

Above you are seeing photos of a beautiful, talented and all round great role model. She is also the owner of a very beautiful body. She has feelings, she has a strong mind, she is a human being. Amongst all that she also has a very healthy and desirable body type. That person is Jesy Nelson and she makes up 1/4 of the girl band Little Mix.
Ever since she auditioned successfully for the X Factor before being made into the band Rhythmix, Social media became a very negative place surrounding Jesy's weight. As we all know, as size 10-12 figure certainly isn't fat, whatever media makes you believe.
As a very proud size 16 myself, I've had my fair share of fat shaming aimed at me. I've had drunken grown men knock on a taxi window on a night out and tell me i'm fat when I've had a great night out with friends, I've been called fat at work when something didn't go in favour of a guest we've had staying there and I've had the famous 'when's it due' line used on more occasions than I wish to remember. But one thing I will say it that all of those comments, no matter how confident you are or not, chip away at your self esteem.
I'm confident, and proud enough, to admit that I never let those kind of comments get to me and even though they hurt sometimes I still know that I am a great person with a kind heart.
A size 16 is the UK's AVERAGE dress size. A SIZE 16. Jesy Nelson is a 10-12 (at most) and she's going through being called things like a 'Fat Whale' and a Fat Bitch. Now, i'm sure many of you are thinking so what, they're only words. They're not only words. These words can also be silent self esteem killers and can also be words that can result in a persons death. These words, no matter if not said to the face, or if typed over a computer, are BULLYING.
Like I said before, I've dealt with a lot of fat shaming but this is on a small scale. Jesy Nelson is facing fat shaming nearly EVERY DAY. Mostly by the sad keyboard warriors of the internet.
I do feel for Jesy a lot. All her band mates are around a size 6-8 so unfortunately it's a bit of a being the larger friend in the group situation, a lot of us have been there hey ladies??  What gets me the most is that these words that get thrown around hurt and whether in the public eye or not they tend to chip away at you as a person.
The maddest thing of all that I can't get my head round is that the word FAT is being aimed at a girl who is way below the average of the average body type in the UK, and is also a dream body type for a lot of women around the world. I mean look at this picture below? You can't tell me you wouldn't want to look like that??

Women shouldn't have to be persecuted for having boobs, love handles, chunky thighs and a sizeable bottom! What actually goes through the mind of you keyboard warriors? Why would you feel the need to bring beautiful women the world over down about their features. Just because Jesy is in a high profile successful girlband doesn't mean she doesn't have feelings.
We should all be celebrating each other and ALL body types. Not shaming people into a downward spiral of self hate and depression about their appearance that there is NOTHING wrong with.
Jesy, I doubt you'll read this, but if you do..... You manage all the bad comments, fat shaming, and general trolling SO WELL and you're an inspiration to us ALL. Don't ever believe any of these negative comments. Your body is BODY GOALS to women around the world. Keep that in your head at all times! You always look incredible and you dress however you want to dress and be confident! You're an incredible idol to so many!
To anyone else suffering from body confidence issues just remember that YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL and it's the trolls with the issue NOT YOU!
Keep smiling everyone! Until next time....................

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