Sunday, 29 March 2015

My wishlist for April

2.Ariel Print Sweater $15.99 USD
6.Go Pro Hero 3 £169.99

Hello to everyone reading!!
Above is my wish list for April. At the moment I seem to want everything I can lay my eyes on which isn't good! As we all know this can cause a major empty purse and the pre payday stress when you have no money! Everything on this list I have wanted since around Christmas time and I think it's about time I treated myself!
The notebook (I've bought this whilst writing this post as I'm in desperate need of one) is from Wilko's/Wilkinson's (I call it both names) and is an absolute bargain! I shop in Wilko's regularly and have noticed that their stationary recently is so nice!! Every time i go in i seem to be picking up some stationary from them! The prices of it are so cheap too! I've bought this notepad as it's A4 size and will help me when I've got blog post inspiration and when wedding planning over the next few months.
The Ariel Sweater is something i saw on lovely Hannah Vickers blog and as a Disney fanatic it needs to be in my wardrobe!! I think the colours are so pretty and girly and it'll look great should i go to any Disney park and it gets a bit cold outside!
I've needed a new bag for about 3 months but haven't really seen one that i like. Being honest this Ted Baker number, as a mum, is a little out of my price range for now but i figured that if i save hard there is a chance that it will be mine at some point! I only ever really buy black handbags and for me this is the perfect size and shape for what I'm wanting!
I am OBSESSED with cat eye frames for sunglasses and this pair are absolutely gorgeous! I love literally everything about them and one my next payday i shall be purchasing these beautiful creations! I find that this style of frame frames my face really nicely and i love the colouring on this pair!
At the moment I'm in the middle of a make up bag overhaul and shall be doing a post shortly on all the new make up I've bought. One thing I've overhauled is the brushes that i use for my make up. I've really started using different types of brushes for sculpting, contouring, blending etc and has found that it's made a real difference! I really love this rose gold set from Zoeva and have heard great blogger reviews about them!
Ideally by the end of the summer i want to start my You Tube channel and start Vlogging. I'm a scared to do this as it's really putting yourself out there to the masses but i figured I'd give it a go anyway! One of my colleagues recommended a Go Pro for this and i absolutely love the quality of the videos that it creates! I'm hoping to purchase one of these over the summer!
What's on your wishlist at the moment?

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