Saturday, 7 March 2015

Traditional Gifts VS Gift Experiences

Who loves gifts?? I know I do! Doesn't matter how grand or small the gesture of a gift is, fact is everyone loves them! Recently I've had to buy for birthdays, anniversary's and, of course, Christmas. To be fair I struggled a little bit with all of them, especially with what sort of gifts to buy for people. Do I go for a traditional gift or I do for the ever increasingly popular gift experience? In the past I have always stuck to the traditional gift option but recently I have changed my mind somewhat.

I've noticed over the past couple of years that gift experiences are becoming vastly more popular (especially spa days amongst me and my friends) and people are wanting the memory of a gift experience. They're also becoming more accessible in regards to the type of experience. Ever popular is a super car experience or flying experience where as 10 years ago these types of gifts wouldn't be as sort after or available to the general public. One thing that I think has put people off gift experiences in the past is the cost as they're renowned for having a hefty price tag attached.

Fear not, as Into The Blue offer tailored experiences to suit your needs at great prices! You can visit their website HERE !

Into The Blue offer experiences that you probably wouldn't have thought possible! For example they offer a Be A TV Presenter For The Day experience which sounds super fun! These experiences start from just £69!

If you would like to read more on gift experiences and how they're becoming more popular please take a look HERE

Have you given or received a gift experience as a gift?

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