Monday, 30 March 2015

My Favourite Instagram pages. Blogger edition.

10. jbone89

Instagram is my favourite social media app, Twitter is a close second. To be honest I love social media in general as I think it's great for networking, making new friends and also being nosey! (Admit it, you like being nosey too!) I also like Instagram as it gives me a lot of ideas and inspiration for things that I'd like to buy. Most of the inspiration for this comes from other bloggers.

The reason I find other bloggers inspirational is because, ultimately, they're just like me. They work full time, they have their own lives, some are hard working mothers and they are on a wage similar to myself. The things they buy are attainable and something that I can afford. I find each of the girls that I have included in this blog to be my favourites to follow on both you tube and Instagram. Please give them a follow!

I find all the pictures look incredibly professional and really pretty and girly and this attracts me to browse someone's Instagram more than anything else!

The above are Bloggers who I have followed since I've been blogging the past year or so and I find all inspirational in different ways and I absolutely love watching their You Tube accounts for different make up ideas and also shopping purchases.

You can follow me on Instagram at helfkndoes
Who are your favourite bloggers to follow on Instagram??


  1. Thankyou for including my Helen! I keep trying to improve my instagram so it feels good to no its being noticed! :) xx

  2. Anytime babe! I follow your blog and love your posts on there too and your You Tube! You do an amazing job! x