Friday, 3 April 2015

My Top 20 Chick Flicks

1. Clueless, 2. Because I Said So, 3. Beauty Shop, 4. Mean Girls, 5. Spice World, 6. Save The Last Dance, 7. Burlesque, 8. She's All That, 9. 10 Things I Hate About You, 10. Crossroads, 11. On The Line, 12. Sister Act 2 : Back In The Habit, 13. Coyote Ugly, 14. My Girl, 15. A Walk To Remember, 16. The Holiday, 17. Pretty Woman, 18. The Banger Sisters, 19. Legally Blonde, 20, Going The Distance.

Bit of a different post for me today. I've seen a lot of these my favourite posts around and thought I'd let you in on my top 20 chick flicks. Some are more well known than others, but at the same time these films are just as great!

Chick flicks are my ultimate go to for when I need a pick me up! The above selection are my favourites of all time. I do love a cheesy love story about 90% of these films are exactly that!
I really would recommend Because I Said So with Mandy Moore and Diane Keaton as it's such an underrated film and every time I ask someone if they've seen it they always say they've never heard of the film! Going The Distance is another film that had a good write up but I've never really heard anyone speak about! Drew Barrymore and Justin Long star in this film about a long distance romance!
The Banger Sisters really reminds me of my teenage years where I was a boy band groupie. This film is about 2 friends who were band groupies in the 60's and 70s and they go off to lead very different lives. One is very carefree and spirited and lives life in whatever direction it takes her and the other is a very step ford wife type. They reunite and go over old times and rekindle their love for bands and their friendship. It's really worth a watch if you're a fan of a band!
Most of these films have a shared love with everyone but there are a couple that people may not have heard of so I thought I'd include them in the line up as I absolutely love them. You can find most of these dvd's for about £2 on Ebay or any online dvd store!

My favourite two films in this post are Clueless and Pretty Woman! I love the fashion, hair make up and the story line and I always feel so happy after watching each of these feel good films!
What are your favourite chick flicks? Are there any you'd recommend to me?


  1. Cool post!! I love seeing people's top picks! Always a helpful thing when you are stuck for an idea of what to watch :) I've probably only seen half of these films and glad to see Coyote Ugly - recently seen and in love with! One of my new favs!

    Charlie xx

  2. Ah I haven't seen so many of them in ages!! I love Clueless though, I'm sure I have it on DVD somewhere going to have to dig it out. Pretty Woman is meant to be coming to theatres this year, I'm excited xx

    Through New Eyes x