Sunday, 5 April 2015

March Favourites

3. Tangle Teezer £7.80
Hi Everyone!
I've not done one of these posts in a while so I decided to post my March favourites for you all! It's a mixture of some beauty and some non beauty for you all. The items above are all things that I have used, watched, drank religiously during March.
Batiste is a product for me that I cannot live without. Being a working Mum to a 2 year old, sometimes, a time to yourself to wash your hair isn't possible so the Batiste Dry Shampoo in Oriental is a total god send for me! I always find this product to give me such good volume in my hair and this particular one smells amazing too! I always spray the dry shampoo around 10cm away from my roots and then massage it in. The XXL Volume from Batiste is also amazing for volume for your hair! I love the packaging on the Oriental bottle it's so colourful and pretty and makes it easy for me to find when it's in my, rather full, handbag!
I've liked Taylor Swift for years. When she was doing country music I liked her but now she's made the crossover to pop music I like her even more. This album is her best yet. Every single song on this album could be a single! I love the artwork for this album too. I've listened to it most days on my commutes to work and it's a really feel good album! I'd definitely recommend if you haven't listened to it already.
Another can't live without product for me is my Tangle Teezer. I'm going to be blunt now. After using a Tangle Teezer I don't think I could ever go back to using a normal hairbrush again. Tangle Teezer literally saved my hair. After I had my little girl my hair started to get super knotty and nothing was helping me. A normal hairbrush was starting to make my scalp really sore and then I started reading blogs more and saw 100's of bloggers raving about them. I knew I HAD to own one and I've never looked back. I actually have 3. I have 2 of the original ones and one from the flowerpot range which I won in a competition on Twitter. This product gets rid of any knots in my hair and makes my hair look and feel amazing. I am so thankful for my Tangle Teezer!
My next favourite is a drink which is Lucozade Energy in Pink Lemonade. I have loved this drink since it came out and I always PRAY that it never gets discontinued! It tastes so nice and with my job working in hotels and also being a mum I find it great for a boost of energy and a pick me up! The packaging is lovely too. Without a doubt this is my favourite drink of all time!
I've always been a huge fan of mediums. Whether it be Sally Morgan or whomever is on the TV at the time but recently I've really got into Long Island Medium on TLC. Theresa Caputo is a medium who lives in Long Island, New York and can speak with people who have crossed over. She holds private and group readings and communicates with peoples loved ones who have died. It sounds morbid but this programme isn't that at all. They show scenes in Theresa's home with her family and them interacting with each other and they're such a funny, witty, close family and they visit places together and she does surprise reading for people she comes across a long the way. All of Theresa's readings are spot on and you can see from the people's reactions on the show how much it means to them and how accurate the information is. It's made me really consider going to see a medium.
Recently I've been adding new make up brushes into my routine and they've made such a difference and I changed my blush brush for this Real Techniques blush brush and it's made a difference to my skin. I'm a huge fan of Real Techniques and have a few of their collections that they have brought out. This brush feels so soft on my cheeks and makes blusher look really nice on my face.
If you haven't invested in the YSL Baby Doll Kiss & Blush I suggest you invest in one! I first heard about this product on Lucy and Lydia's vlog on their You Tube channel and the colour looked so nice on Lydia's lips that I knew I had to try. I bought the colour in number 1. It's a really nice vibrant pink colour and makes my lips feel great and not at all sticky. At £28.50 it does come with a heavy price tag but for the quality of product you get its totally worth it!
What have been your favourites for the month of March?

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