Wednesday, 22 April 2015

50 Facts About Me

Hi Everyone!
Just so my readers can get to know me a little better I've compiled a 50 facts about me for you all to read! I actually love these kind of posts by other bloggers that I follow so thought I'd do one myself.
So here goes!

1. I'm a identical twin
2. I'm originally from Chesterfield but now live in Nottingham
3. I was proposed to at Disney in Orlando, Florida
4. I can sing but don't have any desire to be a singer
5. I was a boy band groupie who travelled all over the world
6. I once got sacked from a job from being spotted on The Saturday Show with Atomic Kitten by my boss when I'd actually rang in sick
7. I am obsessed with The Spice Girls
8. I can play football better than most boys
9. I didn't grow any boobs till I was 19
10. I once had a pretend fist fight with Joe Calzaghe on Park Lane in London after an awards ceremony
11. I've been in Loaded magazine (rip loaded!)
12. Sex and The City and Glee are my favourite TV Shows
13. I once flashed my boobs to a cab driver for free cab fare
14. I have my own personal license to run a bar
15. I'm great at finding out information on people
16. I found I was pregnant when I was 16 weeks gone
17. Pretty Woman is my favourite film
18. I wake up happy everyday
19. I couldn't live without my phone
20. My biggest phobia is baked beans
21. I HATE flying
22. I'm part deaf in my right ear and have had numerous operations to correct this that have failed
23. I'd rather listen to music than watch TV
24. I'm a great bargain hunter
25. I work in travel and tourism
26. I would love to live in America
27. I'm a size 16 and very comfortable with it
28. Instagram and Twitter are my favourite apps
29. Olly Murs follows me on Twitter (as does Gary Barlow)
30. I think I'd make an amazing Big Brother housemate
31. A lot of people think I look Chinese
32. Route 66 is my dream holiday
33. I can do a great Mickey Mouse impression
34. I once broke my leg whilst on holiday in Cyprus
35. I'm adopted
36. If I could have played any part it would have been Samantha Jones in Sex And The City
37. I have dyscalcula (it's like dyslexia, but with numbers)
38. I'm featured on one of Westlifes DVDs
39. Simon Cowell once told me I was fabulous
40. I love doing word searches
41. I'm addicted to pink lemonade lucozade
42. My favourite ice cream flavour is banana
43. I prefer Grease 2 to Grease
44. I'd love to be a midwife one day
45. My favourite Britney Spears song is Everytime
47. My little girl is called Lucie
48. I love road trips
49. I want to start my own You Tube channel
50. I love writing lists so have loved doing this post

Hope you've enjoyed this post! Feel free to tell me some facts about yourself!

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