Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Eco Tools Complexion Collection*

Hi Everyone!
I don't know about you? But I love me some make up brushes! Especially new ones! The above are the new range from Eco Tools Complexion Collection and I absolutely love them!. To say I was thrilled when they landed through my letter box would be an understatement! The packaging is absolutely lovely on these brushes and the bristles feel so soft and literally glide over the skin!
This Brush is great for applying your BB and CC creams and give great coverage on your skin. Its especially ideal for the areas under your eyes and your nose. I love how light weight the brush feels and how soft it feels over my skin.
This brush is great for minimal blending in the eye area and crease. The bristles on this brush are really nice and dense and gets right into the eye area with great precision! I love the detail on the brushes I think it looks so nice and makes the brushes really stand out.
This brush is great for creating the flawless glow that we all strive for! I find that because of the long and short bristles on this brush it picks up a lovely amount of product when applying. This is my favourite brush of the collection due to its finish. It's great for building up coverage on the skin too!
This brush is amazing for covering dark circles, blemishes and any other redness which may occur on the skin! The long and short bristles really help apply a smooth finish with my concealer and I find great for buffing product onto my skin.
These brushes, I can see, will become staple brushes in my brush collection and, as I said earlier in this post, I absolutely love the detail on each brush! It looks so colourful and makes the brush stand out!
Will you be trying Eco Tools Complexion Collection?

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  1. Oh wow these brushes look incredible! The handle is so pretty too!

    Emma x