Saturday, 11 April 2015

Festival Fashion

5. Black Wool Hat £14.99
11. Hunter Wellies £59.00
Hi Everyone!
Festival season is amongst us and like many, I am a huge fan of festival fashion. I absolutely love seeing what everyone is wearing and accessorising to places like Coachella and V Festival.
Having been to a festival myself, I went to V Festival, I've based my wish list of Festival Fashion above based on what I like to wear and what I'd consider as great festival pieces to wear amongst the other fashionista's at the event!
You may have noticed that a piece of technology sneaked it's way into the post but I literally couldn't have survived without phone battery for the whole weekend, what if I'd have lost my friends? So I included the portable IPhone charger as an accessory so i cheated a little bit!
I definitely feel like you can't go wrong at a festival with a bit of crochet, denim and some sunglasses matched with a pair of Hunters! For me, they're a staple piece of fashion for any festival and never fail to look good!
Have you ever been to a festival?? Which one did you go to?

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