Wednesday, 8 April 2015

What's in my make up bag?

4. Nars Laguna Bronzer £27.50

I thought I'd do a post on what's in my make up bag! I will do an updated version of this post with swatches when I get my new camera. You'll have noticed my blog is a bit lack lustre for photos at the moment. That's because I'm waiting for my new camera. When that arrives i'll be vlogging and uploading more pictures!
From above you can see that I like to mix high end and drug store products. I find that some drug store products do just as good a job as high end products. All of the products I use I have put a link to so you can buy them if you would like too.
I have really pale skin so I've put all the shades of everything in the post so you can see what the product names are that I use. The products featured here are always heavily involved with my daily routine which I'm hoping to vlog in the near future once I have my YouTube up and running.
What's in your make up bag?

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