Saturday, 2 May 2015

Sports Luxe Look For Summer

Hi Everyone!
I thought I'd put together a little Sports Luxe look for you all as at the moment I am loving this style. I think this look is a great sporty, yet girly look for game day and one that you can easily create and pull off.
As a girly girl I've never really worn hats, let alone baseball caps but I think that the style of a baseball cap really fits in with a Sports Luxe look and can be so versatile buy wearing it forwards, backwards and if you're really daring to the side slightly! The above items really all flow well with each other and really create that girly Sports Luxe look.
I always think if you're doing a sporty outfit it's always nice to include some girly pieces which is why I think the over the knee socks will go great with this outfit! Especially the oversized baseball dress and Nike Air Force 1's
If you're wanting to explore the Sports Luxe look further then look no further than FANATICS!
Fanatics is a fantastic website that caters for your sports apparel needs and you can create such great Sports Luxe looks this season! You can take a look at there website HERE
Let me know if you've considered a Sports Luxe look before and what items you'd include in your look!

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