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20 albums that changed me

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Bit of a different post from me today, albeit because I love these sorts of posts from other bloggers as it means you're kind of getting to know the person behind the blog. So from that I decided to post about 20 albums that have changed me or helped me as a person, or just had a great impact on my life and can transport me back to some of the best times of my life!
1. Spice - Spice Girls
For me, this album had a HUGE impact on my life. As a teenager I was picked on a bit for having not developed any boobs (Who's laughing now eh?) and this was around the time the Spice Girls came onto the scene. I was, and still am, one of the biggest Spice Girls fans ever. To me, the Spice Girls weren't just a girl band to me. They literally were like my mentors. They taught me about believing in myself, self respect, morals and not caring about what others thought of you. Which is still what I live by to this very day. This album has so much to do with my life I will always be thankful to the Spice Girls for that.
2. 5ive - 5ive
If you're reading this and you have known me since school you will know that I worshipped the ground Scott from 5ive walked on and at one point thought I was going to marry him! (Oh to be young again!) When this album was released on June 22nd 1998 (yes I still remember the date) I dragged my mum into town after school so I could buy it. I couldn't wait. I had to have the album on release day. Back then if you were a fan release day was always huge! This album was on repeat at my house for over 5 years. I can still recite all the words and i'll always love this album.
3.  Backstreet Boys - Backstreet Boys
You'll see a bit of theme going here with these albums, mostly boy and girl bands, but this album was a brilliant first album for a boy band. I eagerly awaited this album as Backstreet Boys had been around a while in the UK by the time this album came out. We Got It Goin' on was released and didn't get a good chart position and was later re released from this album so at one point I didn't know if the UK would like the Backstreet Boys. At the time they were huge in Germany and I was desperate for the rest of the UK to catch on! Luckily they did. I have always preferred them to Nsync.
4. Now 28
Now you may think a compilation album is a bit of random choice but every holiday this was my album of choice for car trips. It still is. I went into That's Entertainment a couple of years ago to re buy the CD as mine was rather worn out. I'd say out of every album I've ever listened to this is my most played. This is mostly due to the memories that come with it.
5. Urban Hymns - The Verve
When I was going through my boy band phase I never really appreciated how good The Verve were. I always liked their songs but it's only since I grew up a bit I appreciated them as a band. This album is brilliant. Sonnet will always be one of my favourite songs. If you haven't bought this album I suggest you do!
6. The Immaculate Collection - Madonna
This album will always remind me of me and my sister growing up. I've got such happy memories of this album. On girly holidays Holiday was always blaring out the cd player. Me and Claire have always loved Madonna and this album is FULL of amazing songs from start to finish. For me, this album is when Madonna was at her absolute best.
7. Bad - Michael Jackson
This album speaks for itself. One of the greatest, if not the greatest album of all time.
8. Music Box - Mariah Carey
I credit this album as the one that got me heavily into music. Especially vocals. Mariah is a musical genius. Her range on this album is second to non. I also remember playing Without You on repeat and crying about my first boyfriend at secondary school.
9. What's The Story, Morning Glory - Oasis
 Around the time this came out there was a massive Britpop divide sweeping the UK. You were either a fan of Blur or you were an Oasis fan. Although I do like Blur, it was Oasis for me. This album is pure genius. One of the best British albums that has ever been released in my opinion!
10. Greatest Hits - Take That
If you're a boy band fan you surely have to own this album by one of the biggest brutish boy bands ever?? This album takes me back to when I was growing up. Take That we're starting to get big when I was around 9-10years old. Just as I was getting into boy bands properly around the ages of 12-13 they split up. This album for the songs alone is a staple that you can always turn to for a sing along.
11. Coast To Coast - Westlife
This is probably the most poignant album of them all for me. I have SO many memories attached with his album. I spent my whole teenage years doing every Westlife tour. By doing every tour I mean by travelling to every date and staying in the hotels with the bands/support acts. Some of the best times of my life I associate with this album. Funniest thing about it is that Westlife weren't my favourite boy band, I just went for the experience.
12.  Baby One More Time - Britney Spears
This reminds me of my college days. I always remember sitting in the common room and the lads were all surrounding the TV we had in there whenever the Baby One More Time video came on MTV or The Box. Everyone loved Britney Spears she was literally who every girl wanted to be and who every lad wanted to be with. This album is full of hits and was a great debut album.
13. Gold - Abba
I have always loved Abba since I was a child and this is a compilation of all their hits and I love just putting this album on and singing away without a care.
14. 8701 - Usher
I can't begin to tell you how much I LOVE this album. For me, by far the best album Usher has ever done. This album is in my all time top 3 albums. So many tunes on this album. If you've never listened to it get downloading it on ITunes you won't be disappointed!
15. Solid HarmoniE - Solid HarmoniE
I can guarantee hardly any of you will know who this band is but in my teenage years, aside from the Spice Girls I loved this band! Coincidently, Mariama went on to become a member of The Honeyz. I thought these girls were so cool and I wanted to be Melissa the lead singer! I loved their voices and remember being gutted that they weren't a massive success. They were managed at the time by the same people who managed the Backstreet Boys and NSync so were destined for big things. In the UK they had minor success with 4 singles. Still love them to this day!
16. The Legacy - Boyz II Men
For vocals alone this album is incredible! That's all I need to say!
17. Salute - Little Mix
The most recent of all the albums listed but an absolute pop classic of an album. We haven't had a great girl band around in ages and for me Little Mix fill the void. I went to see them last year and loved them. This album is great from start to finish!
18. Rumours - Fleetwood Mac
This album is so epic that many amazing artists have covered songs from it. This album literally tells a story and was written about the band staying together when they were falling apart.
19. Some Hearts - Carrie Underwood
Carrie Underwood is my favourite female singer. This was her first album and really reignited my love for country music. I was lucky enough to see her in 2013 at the Royal Albert Hall in London and she didn't disappoint!
20. Breakaway - Kelly Clarkson
This album reminds me of a time when I spent a lot of my spare time in London. I had this album on repeat for around 10 months in total and always put it on my iPod a long journey as its full of great pop songs.
On a footnote to the 20 above there are 2 more albums that I actually forgot to include so I've done that below.
 21. Born To Do It - Craig David
This is the greatest debut album of all time. If you've never listened to it educate yourself. So talented. I thoroughly enjoy this album.
22. Greatest Hits - Eternal
The only girl band the UK has ever had that could come close to Destiny's Child or any of the big US girl groups. Amazing songs!!
So there you have it. Sorry for the long winded post!
What are your favourite albums??

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